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True Aseel , Naked Heeler or Tape Fighter - Syed Hammad

True Aseel , Naked Heeler or Tape Fighter

Few things must be understood properly and should be kept in mind.Aseels have three types of games:


1. Pure Shank Hitters.

2. Pure Spur Hiitters.

3. A combination of Both.

The Word Aseel has always meant to be known for " Endurance , Tolerance and Stability " , Always remember these three keywords to conclude if an asil is Aseel or not.

If you Cross a bird from very Pure lines of Aseel to give you Spur hitters , then you find all those keywords in that Aseel, Otherwise if you cross any ABC Aseel without concentrating on the blood that either it has those keywords in itself or not , mostly people just see fastness and fighting and make crosses.Remember before Fastness , Killing abilities or Power , an Aseel has to be a wall of Endurance , Tolerance and Stablilty in the pit. Only Fighting doesn't conclude anyone a true Aseel , you will see many of the old breeders , they have very pure lines and old lines some many of the brood cocls are not always good fighters , but they are kept for the three keywords , and on the other side the fightness is injected into the offspring through the Quality Hens.

It is true that A tape fighter will always dominate a Naked Heeler if both are put in tape fighting , because in tape fighting there are no restrictions for Shanks but there are for spurs , spurs hitters game is to use the lower part of the legs with accuracy ,and if they are restricted they will obviously loose ,but If a True Aseel Naked Heeler , who has Endurance , Tolerance , Stability , will last there till death and until the soul escapes.

The main thing to understand is both styles are ways different from each other and they both have their gaming zones .

The criticism we do on Naked Heelers today because 70% of the Naked Heelers will not have the 3 main keywords for which Aseels are known for . And here the tape fighter will win not because of Naked Heeler's death but because of Naked Heeler's will to loose , or no tolerance and stability.

I have a Naked Heeler from pure breed of Shank hitter Java lines, He will face a tape fighter till his death but will never run away , no chance. 

Things to keep in mind that , Endurance , tolerance and stabillty while fighting are main pillars of a True Aseel , if your Aseel don't has these , none of the keeper should claim to have Aseel.Bring these 3 things in your Naked Heeler and every body will respect then.

Best Regards , 

 Syed Hammad 

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thank you for shearing your knowledge. like it very much..iv just started to keep asils and shamos, so im a beginna. its nice to gets some hints and tips from someone. im in the uk. id love to put my asils to some tornorments. or even ways to train them with on another.
Comment by admin on date 2012-03-12